Italian Glow

I hate facials. I’m not a fan of massages and spa days give me hives.

When I need to do any form of female maintenance I like to be in and out. Skip the massages, herbal water and robe and just make me look better as fast as possible please.

Well, I may have changed my mind a bit.

My friend and co worker Bessie has been talking about her cousin Katarina for as long as I’ve known her. Bessie has amazing skin and credits it to her cousin’s facials and treatments. I’ve also heard other people tell Bessie how obsessed they are with her treatments, and since I had epic skin problems after Mexico…I decided to inquire.

Lucky for me Katarina just switched spas to one right in my ‘hood, so I booked for the following day.

When I walked out of Asha an hour later, I can honestly say I felt confident enough to see friends in day light and at least 3 years younger.

Anyone with problem skin knows how mortifying it can be to be in bright light (or public in general) when you’re skin isn’t playing nice.

That’s how I felt on St. Patrick’s Day morning as all my friends and the city was out enjoying the weather- I went for a long run and attempted to hide my skin in Asha.

Katarina asked me a few questions about my skin then let me be all zen with my bad self- aka she didn’t yap on and on- isn’t that the worst!?

She must have applied 5 different masks, used a UV light saber (or some cool device) and a micro derm-style brush, steamed, extracted like a pro, applied clearing serums and then a final mask that she said hails from Italy. While the masks and elixirs were doing their thing she massaged my hands, neck, arms, legs and feet.

The mask is some new *botox* mask, and it *freezes* your face for a few hours. No joke, I looked younger. My wrinkles around my eyes, mouth and forehead were gone. Plus my face looked clear.

I was stupefied.

Seriously. I did not get any of this for free- so don’t consider this a B.S. blog…I’m truly blown away. She also waxed my  brows. The whole thing was $150 and to me, beyond worth it.

I’m optimistic about clear skin and aging in a way like never before. Thanks Bessie, Katarina and Italy for making that mask.

Here’s a link to the spa:



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