Black Monday

Last night I behaved totally out of character and went out on a Monday night.

Normally I spend Mondays working out, cleaning my apartment and cheering on the Caveman (The Bachelor). But The Bachelor has put us out of our misery and ended for the season, and The Black Keys were playing at the United Center so I made an exception and played on a school night.

We kicked the night off with snacks and cocktails at Nellcote. I hadn’t been to Nellcote yet, and had heard mixed reviews. Some of my friends- especially the chefs- had nothing but positive posts on their Facebook pages regarding the food while other friends of mine HATED the place.

I don’t claim to be a foodie* or be a food blogger, but I do go out to eat often and am asked for restaurant suggestions frequently… so lately I’ve been posting about spots where I dine.

The first thing we noticed about Nellcote was the stunning decor. Chandlers line the high ceilings, and the room is large and decadent feeling without being stuffy. The coolest part is that they have two sides to their bar, and one sits above the restaurant so you can look over the dining room.

We were greeted by four hostesses (FOUR?!) and chose to sat in the lounge area since we had a party of eight and not everyone was planning on having food. Despite the packed host stand, we waited over 15 mins before anyone approached our table, and eventually had to approach the hostesses and ask if we had a server.

Our group tried the vodka cocktail and the tequila and were fans of both, even though the order was sent out incorrectly the first time.We shared the pizza with truffle and egg and it was ok…I’m not craving the leftovers.

I’d go back for a full meal or drinks and give it another shot, but I wasn’t blown away.

The concert on the other hand was AMAZING. We had a blast dancing in the suite and the band was on point and put on a ridiculous show.

Worth being tired today, but isn’t it always?

*hate the word and term foodie, but it paints the correct picture.

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