Black Thursday

Yesterday delivered the craziest range of emotions I’ve felt in months.

At one point I was so upset over a Facebook “friend’s” * racially charged status update and the comments that followed that I broke down in tears at my desk.

My friend Audarshia blogged about it here:

I was and still am baffled that a girl in my social network, who lives in downtown Chicago would feel and say these awful things especially so publicly. If I met her in person, I wouldn’t yell at her- I’d simply ask her why she feels these things and who taught her to think that way. I simply don’t get it.  I could hit up and find a word to describe my sadness/hurt/confusion/frustration- but why be fake about it? I’ll just say- I am more focused than ever on being part of the change.

If one mom or dad read that blog yesterday and that inspired them to sit down with their child and explain how we are all the same humans, no matter what we look like…then maybe that child won’t grow up to ever feel hate.

This all unraveled a few hours before the Policy and I were going to Bravemonk’s hip hop class in Logan Square and I read her the feed on the way which sparked some interesting conversation- another thing I hope the blog does- inspire people talk about this.

The class was a “House” class- and no matter how many years of dance you’ve taken- house is different cause it’s on the 4 beat rather than the 2, 4, 6, 8.

There were only four of us, and Bravemonk was super patient and broke down the more complicated sequences until we got them. We were terrible- but it was so much fun and no one judges anyone plus it’s an amazing workout. We can’t wait to go back.

Here’s his site if you want to hit up a class:

Then Shaun and I went to Boardroom for the Cheeky Chicago fashion show after party… except the Cheeky chicks and dudes were elsewhere having a bite. Shout out to James and Lauren for taking care of us while we stayed and had a drink- and laughed about the shower over the bar where the girls dance later in the night. Shaun was a big fan of the tile*.

We then headed over to Nellcote for the Henny Black party that my friend Shannon had invited us to. WOAH. Talk about a sexy diverse crowd- and more than one person discussed the earlier situation with me- they also want to be part of the change.  The room was decorated beautifully, there was live music and girls handing out glow necklaces.* I didn’t want to leave- especially since I heard Taylor Momsen was going to dj for the first time.

But… we had to say Happy Birthday to our friend Paul at Studio Paris. Paul is one of my favorite men in Chicago- and the sweetest. We also sat with RP #1 for a bit – who took care of us as always and we danced to the beats of the talented Mr.Best.

It’s crazy how one day could feel so different by the hour, but I guess that’s what keeps things fresh.

* I’ve never met her

* The fact that girls dance in a shower at a club
* Glow necklaces seem like fun after a few Henny cocktails

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