NFL and Nike

Monday night and Tuesday were a blur.

I got into NYC late Monday and checked into the beautiful Mondrian Soho. I wish I would have taken photos of the room and restaurant- it was stunning. I definitely will stay there again and recommend it 100 percent if you’re looking for a more quiet New York experience.

Tuesday morning I found myself on a huge coach bus with media from around the world. It kinda felt like going on a field trip with people you’ve never met, and I could hear everyone chatting as they got to know people around them. Most of us worked for some kind of blog- very smart move of Nike to tap into the bloggosphere.

We arrived to a movie set in Brooklyn and were led into a room that reminded me of an airplane hanger that had been transformed with large screens playing NFL Films material and rows and rows of the new Nike NFL apparel.

You know I had to peep my Lions gear

Everyone whipped out their i phones and cameras and began to take pics and record video to blast out on the internet- since we were the first to see this new gear.

Love the green and white JETS shoe- may need a pair to rock for Sparty games

I ran into some friends from the Miami Nike trip and we chatted and caught up while we waited to enter the next room. We watched the new ad campaign “Fast is Faster” and were led into a sound stage that had been transformed into a football field.

We were sitting in bleachers and this was our view

Then we heard from the top execs at Nike including CEO Mark Parker and President Charlie Denson.

The explained the new uniforms in detail and educated us on Nike’s history with the brand.  The first Nike shoe ever made was a rubber football cleat in 1972- so it was cool to hear how the brand has come full circle.

Then they brought out Super Bowl champ Victor Cruz to explain what he thought of the fashion makeover.

And finally- they marched out a player from all 32 teams- in their brand new uniforms.

Big Ben- I see you laughing

So bad ass. Some of the guys were giggling- having to stand still and pose for pics.

Then it was time to work.

I put my Nike Free’s to the test by running between two sound stages to grab interviews with each player.  Special thanks to Mike Leventhal and Bader TV for going above and beyond for us and loaning me a photog.

My favorite interview was with Victor Cruz- who had been swarmed by media the second he walked out. For those who haven’t worked in the TV business- I can’t even describe what it’s like to try to interview a player with 50 other members of the media. We refer to it as a “gang bang” if that paints a picture.

photo: Getty Images

The media “gang bang” of a SB champ

That said- we let the rest of the media try for a sound bite with Cruz and knocked out five other players.

If you’re playing nice, then you walk up to the player you’d like to interview and politely let the journalists finish their interviews before butting in…and lucky for me- the girl before me asked Victor to salsa dance with her leading right into my question; “Would he ever do DWTS?”.

Jason Whitten was also very sweet, as was Champ Bailey.

And even though Alex Smith was done giving interviews- he allowed me to sneak in a few quick questions. (Thank you NFL Network for helping me build all these relationships)

Brian Urlacher surprised me the most- he was mellow and really nice and was 100 percent focused on football.

Most of the media were asking the guys about the upcoming season, and trades made in the off season…so I *hope* I was a breath of fresh air when I asked my fun fashion and pop culture questions. I think Champ was shocked I didn’t want to know about Manning/Tebow.

After I got most of the players, it was back on the bus and to the airport.

Thanks again to Nike- who always puts on a detailed, exciting and creative presentation for the media.

The video will be up later this week and I’ll post it here for those who’d like to see the finished product.

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