Diesel Dinner

Some invites you just can’t pass up, and last night’s Diesel dinner was one of them.

The invite- sent by Elise Schmitt- was a dead giveaway. It was for a *dinner* (that means sit down and not a ton of people), at the *Diesel store* (store transformed into an event space- intimate) and was co *hosted by Corri McFadden* (super successful and cool chick with her own company and TV show) and *CS Magazine and Glossed and Found* (both known for having a following of savvy females).

About 30 of us mingled and sipped on champagne & white and red wine while we gossiped and browsed the racks.

Genius Diesel- get us buzzed up and put us near clothes….something I like to call “The Bachelor Effect”.

We then sat down to beautifully set tables (hello gold flatware!) done by Event Creative and each of us were pumped to find our napkin held together with a phat Diesel watch.

The Diesel rep had us fill out a form to match our personality and mood with their new jean line and Corri showed how the jeans translated onto real chicks as some of the girls at the event modeled the styles.

I’m a groupie- jean that is- and once again we were surprised with the gift of a pair of jeans. My style is low slung with a skinny leg. Hawt.

Then it was time to dine. And after the first course of salad this came out:


Ok, I call myself a “sea-gan” aka- I eat fish but no meat or dairy, although lately I’ve been more and more veggie. You can imagine my shock when that bad boy was carried out. It made for a lot of great reactions from the other ladies who weren’t into whole “animals”* at the table. The only thing that trumped it were the platters of game hens that followed.

We laughed and flirted with our cute and awesome servers as we ate (or didn’t eat) our meals. For the record- the girls said the food was amazing.

I snuck out after dessert was presented really happy that I came- especially since I sat with girls I didn’t know that well- and made a few new friends.*

* yes i know fish isn’t an animal but this is my blog and that’s what worked for me.

* girls I hope liked me and weren’t freaked out by my stories.

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