Be Bright Pink

Sunday is the annual Fit Fest to benefit Bright Pink.

Actually this year since Giuliana is involved I think it’s called “Fab Fest”(her site is

It’s a day long event where you take a class from instructors around the city every 45 mins or so. Think a LOT of women working out for 6 hours, all in Pink. It’s a man’s dream.

I’m interviewing G beforehand and it’s always a challenge to come up with new questions to ask her, as well as compelling questions our audience wants to know. Plus, I need to stay on point and avoid a friendly banter, since G and I like to laugh a lot when we get together.

In order to participate, each girl needs to raise 500 dollars. If you’d like to donate- I’d be very grateful.

Here is a link to my page:

I became aware of the “over exposure” factor a few years ago when it comes to asking for donations or people to show up to support you. After two or three times of showing support- it becomes a bit much for people.

So I decided to 100 percent commit my charity work to Bright Pink, rather than support several charities with my time and $$$. I hope that makes it easier when deciding to contribute, every dollar helps.

Thanks all and Be Bright Pink!

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