Chi Town’s D Rose

Oh Hello There Perfection


Let me start by saying I am a Pistons fan- make no mistake.

But since I live in Chicago, I appreciate and respect the teams and athletes here (unless they are playing Detroit teams).

Exhibit A: Derrick Rose.

I met Mr. Rose on the red carpet of a Victoria’s Secret event 3 years ago and interviewed him. Had I not known who he was, I would have assumed he was Taj’s Gibson’s shy friend who came along for the party. Derrick was quiet, polite and seemed bashful when I asked him a few questions about the lingerie brand, since the theme of the party was; “What is Sexy?”.

Now, I’ve come to watch him from afar and have grown an obvious respect for his work ethic, skill and devotion to the game.

Today when this GQ shoot hit my twitter feed, I had to issue a moment of silence for this dude who cleans up REAL nice off the court.

The next Jordan or not- this city is lucky to have him.

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