420 Weekend

No I’m not a huge stoner- but that was Friday’s date. Ease off!

This weekend was filled with random treats including:

My college and high school friends at their annual “Olympics”, I have no idea what year this was taken…but I’m thinking around 2004?

My friend Jesse’s birthday dinner at Sunda Friday night , who along with Mike and Todd have been my longtime closest male friends. Jesse is in the green flicking off the camera in the above photo, Mike is next to him and Todd is on the other end in the blue.

Saturday morning shopping at the twice annual Modern Vintage fair solo then crashing brunch with Nicole and Erin at Kingsbury St Cafe. Followed by dinner*  at Quay with Shaun and celebrating Jaquie’s 30th at The Pump Room.

I met Kelsey Grammer by the bathrooms at Pump Room and he couldn’t have been nicer. I told him I had just auditioned for his show “Boss” for the part of a News Anchor. He asked if he could put in a good word for me, but I told him if I can’t act like what I do in real life…maybe I’m not cut out for his biz. I was joking Kelsey- HAVE YOUR PEOPLE CALL MY PEOPLE*.

The girls at Pump Room- the bday girl is in the gold mini. Can someone please teach me to wear proper undergarments!? GEEZ.


Meringues on steroids in the case at Kingsbury St Cafe

Sunday I found myself back at Kingsbury St. Cafe, this time with Shaun. We shared lemon pancakes* and both almost died at how amazing they were.

Then we went back to Modern Vintage and picked up some amazing items including; two sport coats, a belt, Dior cardigan, and tie clip for him and I got a sweet tie, dress and green clutch.

Then Shaun introduced me to the National Geographic show ; “Locked Up”. HOLY MOLEY this show is intense. Each episode is the story of someone who went on vacation and wound up in prison. I have never appreciated my freedom more. Check it out if you have Comcast- we watched it On Demand.

*dinner – our 9pm Open Table reso turned into them offering to seat us at almost 10pm. No thanks.

*my people- my mom. Kidding- my awesome agent Lindsey Glickstein who helps me out and is the BOMB

*shared pancakes- we both also got our own meals as well

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