Must See TV

I’m always hesitant to get into a new TV show. It is a HUGE commitment on some of these shows, especially if they are reality shows on more than once a week or a series that is already a season in.

I missed out on 24, Lost and Cheers to name a few. No joke, I’ve never seen an episode of Cheers which is just wrong.

Now that I am spending time with someone who has DVR, every channel, and premium On Demand channels- it’s making my TV life a lot more fun.

So far I am loving:

Girls on HBO- people are comparing it to Sex and the City but I think it’s more like a hidden camera in someone’s apartment. It’s so real, it’s almost scary. Good work HBO for making a show that feels real and not calling it a “reality show”.

Don’t Trust The “B” In Apartment 23- or whatever it’s called. I have to admit, the promos for the show looked stupid and I talked mucho smack about them. How wrong was I?!? James VanDerbek makes the whole show playing himself, he is hilarious. And the plot twists are so insane that just when you want to roll your eyes… you can’t open them from laughing so hard.

New Girl- Zooey Deschanel has made it cool to be weird. She is everyone’s new girl crush.

Locked Up Abroad- Ok, this show isn’t new- but it’s new to me. HOLY CR*P is this show freaky. It is the true stories of people who got locked up abroad (duh)- mostly for being tricked into smuggling drugs. Watch one episode and you’ll love your life and freedom.

Revenge- If you haven’t seen this show, we may not be friends. Actually, most of my close friends haven’t seen it yet- do I really even know ya’ll?! It is such a Soap Opera meets thriller meets Gossip Girl meets just amazing. WATCH IT.

Gossip Girl- If you left the show, come back…s*^t is getting REAL good. And if you haven’t seen it – what’s wrong with you? It’s relevant dialogue, cutting edge fashion,  bad ass music tracks and plot twists are in my opinion as good as a show like that can get.

Homeland- Season 1 is over, but it’s on your On Demand (if you have Showtime). It’s one of those programs that educates, scares and freaks you out all at once…in a good way.

On the flip side- sometimes I get really excited for a show and make time to watch it only to have my dreams crushed. LA Complex, I’m sorry but you sucked. You were cliche, predictable, not realistic and had no notable actors. Apologies to all involved with that production.

What TV are YOU loving right now?

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