Belly Dance Wednesday

My friend Nicole Gable has been talking about getting a crew together at her place for a belly dancing lesson. This may sound unusual to some, but in her apartment Nicole has; a piano, bongos, ledges for dancing on, various masks and wigs, and so on. So we knew this was a plan that may actually take action.

Last night five of us found ourselves in Nicole’s neighbor’s apartment. Note: the neighbor was neither the instructor, at the lesson or in town- but both she and Nicole decided her African art- inspired home was best suited for the lesson.

Gloria, the instructor, brought little belly dance skirts for us to wear- which makes it SO much cooler. She led us thru an hour of moves that built upon each other set to hip hop music.

It was so awesome. It was a bonding experience, a work out and something new and different. The moves were easy to catch onto, and Gloria encouraged us all to put our own spin on things. Plus- at 20 bucks a girl- it was something more people should consider for bachelorette parties, showers or anytime you want to sweat and have a blast.

Gloria was yelling “Be sexy! Be sexy!” as she took the picture. That’s our version of “sexy”.

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