I love when people who throw events get creative with the space/decor.

CS Magazine teamed up with Saks and Yigal Azrouel for a fashion show to debut his new collection in the Block 37 space.

The event’s stone floors and loft-like quality felt very NYC and turned a fashion show into a super hip experience.

Shaun and I got to sit in the front row- which is cool. I’m not going to pretend I’ll ever be asked to sit front row during New York fashion week- so let me bask in the glow of the flashes* and pretend I’m front row status.

We sat next to Eric Himmel…who is a kick ass stylist who I hope to be working with soon, and Lynne Bredfeldt who always looks like she should be on the runway herself.

The collection was pretty interesting, and I could see myself in at least four of the pieces. How awesome was it sitting with your maybe future stylist and pointing out things you want to wear? AWESOMEsauce. Now affording the designer clothes are a totally different topic.

our view

We also got to catch up with Toni Canada and Dusty Stemmer- who are two of the most fashionable women in the city. BTW- Dusty is the mother of BRIAN ATWOOD. And if you know me at all- you are aware how obsessed I am with him.  She was rocking leather pants- and a zexy pair of shoes. Sorry mom that I didn’t grow up and design artwork for you to wear…failure.

After the show we popped into Haberdash for the chefs in fashion event and said hi to Billie Holligay* and then next door to the Bang and Olufsen opening to support Justin Jacobson then we hit up Balena for dinner. Are you tired just reading this- cause I am BEAT today.

Shaun couldn’t stop talking about how much fun he had at all the fashion events.* Don’t worry sweets- many more of those to come.

*flashes- my friend Graham’s i phone camera

* Billie Holligay- Michael Corrigan’s Twitter name, way more fun to call him that

*fun at fashion events- he wants to kill me

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