News Hits

One of my favorite parts of my job is to do news hits for the national cable channels.

Since some people who read my blog are interested in the career part,  here’s a bit  about the process behind appearing on a program like “Showbiz Tonight”.

It starts with an email from the CNN booking team- normally I get them in the early morning.  Sometimes they pitch me topics, other times the show isn’t set yet and they just need to know If I’m available.

Once I confirm and am given my topics, I’ll go over them with the staff and try to come up with funny or interesting talking points. I never know what the anchor will ask me so I like to be very prepared.

For a show like HLN’s “Prime News”- I’m provided with Cindy the make up artist and sometimes a town car. Those are the best days for obvious reasons.

I show up to the bureau about 20 mins before I’m scheduled to go live and chat with the camera man/get touched up and then enter the studio.

All of the lights

This is what I’m looking at when I’m live on TV. I can’t see anything the anchor is referencing or myself…just a camera lens and a bunch of lights.

I have an IFB in my ear- which is basically a little ear piece that allows me to hear the anchor and the producers.

Then they give me a 30 second to air countdown and I sit and wait for the anchor to “call on me”. Sometimes they will go to me first, sometimes if there are multiple guests I may sit for an entire block of the show and thru a commercial break (15 mins or so) before I say anything.

And all of a sudden they are thanking us and I’m told I’m “all clear”.

People ask me a lot how I come up with what I’m going to say on the fly and I really have no idea to be honest. I just make sure I can answer almost any question I think they may have for me, and then wing it!

The chair with city shot behind me

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