Loss of a Legend

TMZ’s Twitter feed alerted me of the news of NFL legend Junior Seau today.

Then TMZ updated me with the news that he died of an apparent suicide.

Almost one hour later ESPN and NFL Network reported the story, along with a statement from the San Diego Chargers.

Having observed the assignment desk area with the NFL Network- I know how diligent they are with their breaking news. I am sure that they saw the news hit as soon as we did. I’m also sure they began calling everyone from police to team contacts for a confirmation and refused to report the news until they had solid facts confirmed.

But by the time they did- TMZ was live on the scene with even more details.

Shortly after ESPN broke the news, various anchors began to tweet how they were in *shock* that people were dissing them for not being *first* with the news. In their opinion – being *right* is more important.

I understand the hesitation to not report “false death”- but don’t they think Harvey Levin also takes the same precautions? TMZ isn’t exactly known for being reckless with their facts.

We now live in an era where news travels and is delivered in an instant. Waiting an hour, will only cause people to seek their news elsewhere.

Suddenly the internet is sitting next to TV in the front seat of driving news…and it looks like TV doesn’t know which direction to head.

Side note: Junior Seau was one of the most wonderful and kind players I’ve ever worked with. He will be missed.

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