Let’s just get this out of the way- it’s pronounced “dead mouse”.

Saturday night my girlfriends and I had a plan- we wanted to see the dj Deadmau5 perform* at Studio Paris.

You may be thinking: “But Kelli, you bore your readers with tales of Studio Paris all the time- why did you need a plan?”

Answer: Deadmau5 is one of the most popular djs in the world right now, and has a huge following. Tickets were going for around $200 bucks a pop with tables being sold for $3000. Plus- we knew he wouldn’t go on until at least midnight/1am…so we’d have to stay up way past some of our bedtimes. AND- since Studio Paris is a way smaller venue than Deadmau5 normally plays- this was sure to be an insane place to see him, and to get into.

Thankfully E Smith’s friend Jon had invited us (and about 30 others) to sit at his table, so we walked in with him around 11:15pm*.

The night was unforgettable. The entire place was dancing, there was champagne everywhere and killer music. We danced till almost 3am before calling it a night.

I wore a pair of Nike dunks, jeans, a track jacket, tank top and oversized glasses with thick frames. The guys were all laughing at my super casual outfit- but I had the last laugh…Nikes make for super easy hours of dancing on furniture and going home with comfortable feet. Plus- any guy who doesn’t support a girl dressed down in dunks- isn’t for me anyway!

Kim, me, Nicole, E Smith and Katrina pre show- huge smiles cause we had just gotten in

Nicole and I pushed our way to the front of the dj pit* to get a shot of Deadmau5 without his signature mouse head on. Thanks* to three 7ft guys who wouldn’t let us sneak in to take a photo.

*perform- spin records or whatever djs play on these days

*walking in at 11:15pm- I normally go to bed at 9:30p or 12:00p on weekends

*dj pit- spot in front of the dj booth where people were dancing

* thanks- mean tall guys

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