Dec 4/May 10

My boss’s wife, Rebecca Besser is awesome. And I’m truly not saying that because she is married to my boss.

She’s stunning with a kick a$% figure, she’s always dressed super stylish, she’s got a huge posse of equally as sexy lady friends, she can out dance me, and she’s raised some amazing children.

She also has the same exact birthday as me- December 4th.

This year her travel schedule was insane so she decided to have her party on May 10th. None of us had any clue what was going to happen…all we knew was to arrive at her house at 6:30pm and the invite stated “You can sleep when you’re dead”.

Upon arriving Rush Zimmerman (our friend and awesome photographer) was snapping pics and male models were checking us in, taking coats and handing out light up martini necklaces.

Then we saw this in the dining room:

popcorn bar!

and every detail in their gorgeous house had been taken care of:

look up!

The party was filled with about 150 women and we were treated to a creative “salad bar” featuring chefs making to order salads and a dessert bar plus endless champagne, a performance by an Opera singer and more.

To be honest… I drank Frescas and snuck out the back semi early,  but since it IS the boss- I figured she’s appreciate my desire to give good face on camera today.

Happy Birthday Rebecca (I’m not allowed to say which birthday it was- but after 21 who really cares, right!?)


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