Most people think my idea of an ideal night is going to a fancy restaurant or the Opera or some bougis party.

They would be wrong.

One of my favorite ways to spend an evening or rainy day is: BOWLING.

My love for the lanes started back in 2003 when I worked at NFL Network and we’d go bowling as a staff all the time. I didn’t know very many people in LA at the time so the staff was like family to me, and they never made fun of my numerous gutter balls. *

I LOVE the idea of bowling as a charity event. It’s something almost everyone can do, and it really brings people together and forces conversation amongst strangers.

Tomorrow night I’m bowling in Jerry Azumah’s ASAP Foundation event- and I LOVE this night. Jerry draws a really fun crowd and we always manage to have lots of laughs and raise $$.

Me and Jerry AzumahRasheed Davis teaching me how to NOT get the ball in the gutter at last year’s event. (note to selfdon’t wear that same jacket tomorrow)

If you’d like to bowl in his event there is still time- check out the link:

Next Tuesday the CelebTV staff is bowling in Dez Clark’s event. We are ready to represent and we’re really hoping Urlacher brings his new gf Jenny McCarthy!

Come roll with us… details are below:

It’s the perfect time to rub elbows with Chicago Bears and local celebs, plus you can pick up some sweet silent auction gear for Father’s Day, Birthday’s and the sports fans in your life. Not to mention- these things are a blast.

Hope to see you there…someone needs to witness my STRIKES!*

*they always made fun of me

*gutter balls

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