PT Popup

My friends at the Mercadito Hospitality Group were very sneaky and launched a new concept in the Talbot Hotel on Delaware and State in the Gold Coast.

Chef Patricio Sandoval pretty much flew in from Miami and did the menu in a matter of days, then the staff worked their butts of on the inside of the former BiCE space and voila! As of Monday they were open as “PT Popup” for friends and family.

My friend Katrina is the GM there and she invited a group of us for dinner Tuesday night to help test the food and service. Giddy-up! Kat explained that the sidewalk cafe and indoor space would be open under that concept for about 3 months then it would turn into something more permanent. The name comes from Patricio (chef) and Tippling Bros (cocktails) plus PT =’s part time.

The outdoor seating is perfect for that neighborhood, it feels casual and it’s just off the beaten path in the “triangle”.

Here is what we had:

Smoked Fish Dip: sounds weird- tastes awesome. Served in a mason jar and has the consistency of tuna salad but with a more refined flavor. Hint of Serrano chilies for Patricio’s signature kick.

fish dip

Red Snapper Ceviche: unusual combo of red snapper, potatoes, corn, citrus and spice works. Paired with plantain chips for an interesting twist.

Shrimp cocktail: standard.

Oysters: very delicious and served on a bed of salt.

Lobster Rolls: our crowd favorite of the night. These looked like mini sliders and Shaun said they tasted like Lobster bisque on a bun- in a good way. I think we went through four orders.

Lobster tacos: look like Patricio’s tacos from Mercadito, more delicate flavor than the lobster rolls, light and perfect for summer.

Chopped Chicken Salad: large portion going on over on Lexi’s plate. Looked like a lot of shredded goodness on a plate. She liked it.

Chicken: it was gone before I really saw it, but I know it was served on the bone, and the table loved it.

Steak: only thing anyone had less than stellar comments about- but it was on the cut of meat itself and not the flavors. We were told it was a vendor issue and it was getting fixed ASAP. Side note: we HATED saying anything negative, but that’s why we’re there- to be honest.


We shared some apple strudel type of dessert that was filled with goat cheese and served with vanilla ice cream. Amazing.


TomKat: yum.It’s pink but apparently it’s so good that the boys at the table didn’t care about the fruity drink they were holding.

Ginger: tart yum- served up in a martini glass.

table shot. we don’t look like we’re having any fun, right?

I really think little facelift is exactly what the ‘hood needed. It’s ideal for a business lunch, casual dinner with friends or a first date.

Check it out before it’s gone ya’ll- it opened today.

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