Bowlin’ With My Homies

WARNING: I am about to name drop a little. Don’t read any further if it will make you not like me.

Ok, now that we’re all good- I need to share how terrible I am at bowling. Seriously- really, really bad. I think I bowled 10 gutter balls last night even with a pro bowler helping me…and I don’t mean one of the NFL guys who have played in the Pro Bowl… there was literally a professional female bowler at Jerry Azumah’s event giving tips.

The man Zoom and his custom bowling ball

Jerry put me in lane #9, next to his and through out the night we had a rotating “team” of; James Rhine, Tony from Rockit Ranch, me, Shaun, Devin Hester, Isreal Idonje, Antoine Walker, Tim Jennings and almost Julius Peppers- but he balked every time it was his* roll.

Football players in general are serious about their bowling. Tim had his own glove and ball. Devin and Tim kindly suggested* that one of them play my second ball after my score was 1 in the 5th frame, and Antoine got REAL mad when he didn’t get a strike.

the Bear’s punt return king playing clean up/lead off for me to avoid a 0

The thing that I love about bowling, and team sports in general is that you bond with strangers over a common goal. Would Devin Hester normally high five and hang with Shaun? I’m going with – no. But last night they were fist pounding away after solid plays. Would I normally yell “Antoine- get over here!”? Hell no- the man is LARGE- I came up to about his waist- but every time it was his turn I’d wave him over with authority. (Then hide as he swung his long arm with that bowling ball in it)  Would I call one of the Bears’ DB’s “Timmy” without fearing for my boyfriend’s life- nah….but last night I was like “Nice roll Timmy!” all night long. Oh- and I chest bumped Devin after a strike (he got- obvs not me). I thought it was super cool of the players to be so nice to Shaun and Tony too, and not just each other or the ladies.

My point is-  it was an awesome night. Almost the entire Bear’s defensive line was there to support Jerry’s cause as well as local celebs like Richard Roeper. I made a ton of new friends and got to catch up with guys like Lance Briggs and Rasheed Davis – who I see once or twice a year at these events. Plus- people like my buddy Ahmed get to be rock stars when they bowl amazing games.

I was NOT #1- but I was optimistic…and wrong…and had glow eyes…and a patient boyfriend who didn’t yell at my awful skillz

Next week the CelebTV staff has our lane in Dez Clark’s event and I can not wait to do it all again.

*someone named Brian was in our lane but he never showed so we filled his spot with rotating players

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