Ball So Hard

me, Jen, Shannon, Michelle, and Meggy Fox (who crafted the shirts)

We came, we bowled, we conquered. Or some other cliche- whatever…we had fun.

Isaac, Pete, Dan and Victor

Thanks a million to Eric Bolf and Dez Clark for giving CelebTV a lane at his 88 Pinz Foundation event last night.

baller status!

We were teamed up with Google (my college buddy and former MSU baller Jason Andres happened to play on my team!!), Laurence Holmes (Score radio dj) and David Diaz (pro fighter).  And we had a total blast- everyone took a turn at bowling and we cheered each other on no matter how bad we were.

Victor giving it his all

I chatted with Brian Urlacher but chickened out when it came time to ask if he’ll be at Jenny McCarthy’s event tomorrow…guess it will have to be a surprise.

Jerry Azumah met our crew and Robbie Gould bet me a dollar he would beat me (he did-by a lot.)

Zoom Nation!

In the end, it was a really fun way to bond out of the office and I’m so glad we went.*

* I sound like Michael Scott

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