If you haven’t checked out So.Yeah.Duh by now, then you probably don’t live in Chicago and then that’s totally ok cause you may not get the jokes and then you would think my sense of humor is off.

Which brings me to my next point(s)- I need to go back to my #1 Rule:

Never read comments about myself.

Time Out Chicago did a poll on who they think could be behind this blog and included me:

Awesome, right? Well…kinda not really. See, if you look in the comments section you’ll see this:

Soyeahhuh?11 hours ago

Ryan is way too cheap to stay up on most of this. Lisa and Monica are totally smart, witty ladies who could produce this seemingly Gossip Girl .gif (pronounced “JIFF” people) fest. They both have my vote. Who says it can’t be multiple contributors? KZ? No. Love her, but…no.
Well, thanks Soyeahhuh? for the “love” but do you think all I care about is Celebrity News and working out? Fair enough- my fault…it’s the “image” I’ve created via social media platforms and around town. I suppose I’d rather be respected and “loved” and then have people be surprised that I have a sense of humor. Or do I feel that way? Oh and also- not nice words about Ryan, he is one of the sweetest men in Chicago and doesn’t deserve those words.
Guess it’s moments like this that make us challenge who we are or are perceived to be as people.
At any rate- it’s not me, but the blog IS hilarious and I hi 5 the girl behind it daily.*
*yes, I do know who’s behind it and they are genius.

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