Not really. More like boating…but sailing sounds cooler and that “I’m on a boat” stuff is so played out, no?

This weekend I conquered the high seas* and slapped on a couple motion sickness bracelets, took a Bonine and went out on Shaun’s boat with friends.

Since I started going on friend’s boats in Chicago, I’ve developed a growing queasiness while out on the lake so I tended to avoid the boating culture all together. This of course meant I missed out on lots of friend time in the summer, so this year I decided I’d medicate myself and give it another go.

Guess what- it worked. Knock on some major wood and thanks Lauren Tallon for the medicine recommendation.

I risked dropping my i phone in the lake to snap some pics:

the girls

el Capitan (nice hair btw Shaun)

with bff Kim who is about to move to NYC for work

Also- Shaun’s sister was released from the hospital yesterday…she is doing much better. Thanks to all who sent love through thoughts and prayers- I know she felt it.

*lake Michigan

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