Laugh Factory Chicago

One of the best places to meet people is in green rooms. Always. You never know what mix of people will be in the green room when you walk into a news or TV station.

I’ve met SO many people who I’ve tried to act nonchalant around but secretly inside I’m dying of excitement. See, everyone’s guard is down and they just assume that if you are in there too, you must be cool enough to talk to.

Yesterday I met the comedian Finesse Mitchell and his publicist Betsy at Fox. We chatted and they invited me to one of his shows at the Laugh Factory- so I did what NO one in this biz does…I actually followed thru and went.

The Laugh Factory is brand new in Chicago, but I’ve been going to the one in LA for years. It’s one of those places where anyone can jump up on stage …well any really famous total random.

Once I was seeing my friend Jeff Garlin’s act and Martin Lawrence got up and did a set! GEEEENA.

Anyhow what shocked me about the Laugh Factory here is that it was empty. Like embarrassingly empty. Like seats 300 and 30 showed empty.

I felt so bad for the comedians, but they were still really funny. Well, the one white guy wasn’t THAT funny…but the others were.

Finesse started off by joking about how no one was there and broke his own ice. He was really interactive with the audience- calling us out and cracking impromptu jokes. Loved it.

Great date night, girls night or night out- you should all go.


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