Take Care

This weekend was awesome exhausting.


Attend #SkinnyGirlVIP* tasting dinner at Market, and after party at Board Room.

The Policy and KZ at Market for the ######SkinnyGirlVIP Dinner

Mission half accomplished- I just wasn’t going to make it to a club at midnight…especially since it’s a club that gets going around 2am. BUT- the dinner part was awesome and I got to hang with some girls I rarely spend QT with. Many lolz all around. Plus- the #SkinnyGirl* rose was actually good…so I was set.


Wake up and go to yoga.* Then head to Skokie, Illinois for the One Direction book signing.

Sounds awesome to you too, eh?*

The saving graces were; Luis Gomez from the Tribune was there covering it and to keep me company, make fun of tween craziness and drive me home, Daniel the Italian camera man flirted his way to shooting awesome footage, and no other media showed up…EXCLUSIVE!*

I mean…would you say “No” to him?

Then Shaun and I went to DRAKE! Well, technically first we drove to the La Quinta in Tinley Park and picked up our Stub Hub tickets, then to Wendy’s drive thru so I could buy my date a classy hamburger for dinner- he wanted it!, then to Buffalo Wild Wings for a cocktail and to wait out traffic.

But we eventually made it to our SEVENTH ROW seats. Thats love* people- surprising  your girl with  7th row tickets to see an artist you aren’t a fan of.

I’m On One. Literally- on a chair.

Drake put on an amazing show, though I was bummed he didn’t sing; Fancy, More Than Just a Number and Best I Ever Had. Not sure why or why not, but I like those songs and wanted to hear them. Other than that it was SIIICK. Drake is a super star.

Shaun and I made friends with the couples on either side of us…and snapped this pic for Sherrod and his girl.

Sherrod was all tough at first…until the music started. All men are just big kids who want to smile!

Then we hit the Mc Donalds Drive thru and called it a night. Oh we fancy huh? Two fast food outings in one day- YOLO.


Go to hot yoga. This time I actually did, along with a short run. Think I felt guilt over the fast food stop??

Brunch at Lemon Tree…in Downer’s Grove. He goes to Drake with me, I go to burbs to work on Sunday with him…fair couple =’s less fights. Plus, Chef Tim’s crab cake Benedict is NO joke- gets better every time. But since Chef Canning was sitting with us, I felt as though I should eat like a lady…so I only ate a quarter of my meal.

Never fear guys- I made up for it by going to Sausage Fest when we got back to the city. Note: not one single booth had a non poultry, pork or beef option. Something to consider for next year guys? The “fest” is actually just a street next to Wrigley lined with vendors selling greasy foods. We tried; perogis, frips (a chip/fry), we listened to the band Archie Powell & The Exports and Shaun had a sausage with a cheese bun, guacamole and lord knows what else on it.

Nothing says “classy” like housing a sausage over a garbage can in Wrigleyville. America!

The rest of the evening was spent at casa de Shaun grilling (yes we ate more- but maybe now you wont side eye my next juice detox post), watching the MTV Movie Awards (what a joke), and Mad Men (JAGUAR!).

Welcome summer- the most three wack months of the year where you are expected to be in a bikini and eating garbage at street fairs all month long.

*no seriously, we were asked to # a lot….so I did, a lot. Free dinner/cocktails =’s ###


* whoopsies- ate a breakfast sammy from Lux Bar instead


*well, no other media aside from a little morning show called Good Morning America. Whateves.

*love or other emotion or motive for wanting good things

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