Day Off!

Yesterday I had a day off and it felt amazing.

Well, it wasn’t really a day off…I spent a few hours prepping my segment on getting Foxy for Summer.

You can check it out here:

I’m really proud of it because I got to produce it myself and Fox really let me be creative with the whole thing. Plus, it was my first live “toss”with so many moving parts. I just realized how not nervous I was for it, which is a surprise for me.

My friend Jenn Dias who is Golden Girl Chicago said “It’s like Oprah’s favorite things but KZ’s version” while she was on set preparing.

And it kind of was, except the way less famous, wealthy and cool version. But when you’re talking about what you know…it’s a real breeze.

on set at Fox Chicago this morning


Anyhoo…yesterday I hung out on the boat with Shaun for a bit and then took about 5 naps. I finally dragged myself to  check out Ben Newby’s new spot “Drum Bar”. It was exactly what Chicago nightlife has been missing. I could see and hear everyone and it wasn’t too packed. Plus, since it was a “soft opening” all the drinks were free- HOLLER.

Planning on going back soon. As in tonight.

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