The Wall

I’ve been a bad blogger again, apologies.

Here is my weekend in photos, cause let’s be honest…people like to read less and look more. Hence Mark Zuckerberg buying Instagram.

Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters at Wrigley Field row 20 thanks to Shaun and his buddy Jeff Fisher. Also thanks to Gus from the Captain Morgan Club who hosted us pre show.

At a post party with Nicole, Nicole and Amber. Nice glowstick headband right?

Needless to say, Saturday I was very tired for Jessica’s Old Town Art Fair party. Here I am sitting solo on the floor of her bedroom nursing a diet coke.

Apparently “I came in here for some alone time” means “Let’s all hang with KZ in the bedroom” to my friends. It actually made me feel a lot better

So I posed for this photo with my college bffs; Jesse, Todd and Mike and a Chicago bff James (James is in blue).

Pretty soon and two parties later, I came home 100 percent sober and ordered dinner.

Sunday I went boating and watched Mad Men (overrated finale) and started a juice cleanse Monday.

See? Much more interesting with photos!

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