Tigers v Cubs

Last night Shaun and I hosted my parents for a bbq then went to the Tigers vs Cubs game.

If only I could stop there.

The night was HILARIOUS and made me wish I would have live tweeted it. Then again, no one else probably would have found it as funny…but I’m going to share anyhow.

6:00p We arrive at Shaun’s place and start helping with the bbq prep.

6:15p I take care of the corn on the cob and make it with salt, pepper and truffle oil.

6:50 During dessert my dad’s face and eyes swell up to the point that he can hardly see. Apparently he is allergic to truffle oil.

7:00 Shaun thinks I am serious when I say he should bring a “roadie” of wine in a red solo cup and walks out of his apartment with it.

7:03 A police officer who is parked along Clark sees Shaun’s open intox and waves him over in front of my parents and the crowds. My mom asks what is happening and I explain she is watching the guy I am dating being arrested. She explains this to my father who can’t see due to his eyes being swollen shut.

7:05 The cop let him go after asking him to pour it out. Shaun thinks he assessed the situation and was just messing with him.

8:30 ish The 4 drunken guys behind us begin to yell “Ann Arbor’s a WHORE” in my mother’s ear.

8:31 I turn around and give them a look that says STFU.

8:45 One of them is talking about how he “kicked Bill Rancic’s ass outside of a bar once”.

8:46 I turn around, size him up and say “No. No, that did not happen. I know Bill and well…that just didn’t happen.” He responds; “You’re right I’ve never even met him.” and turns around. Shuts up for rest of game.

Unsure of time: We cheer for Chelios to sing the 7th inning stretch and walk my parents to the el. It is over with some minor causalities.

Thanks to Tim Canning for the amazing seats.


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