Nike Girls

Sometimes when I’m at Nike events listening to a speaker explain new technology, I zone out and think about how working there must be a dream job. Actually this happens most of the time which is no good because then when I try and use my new device or gear and I have no clue what’s happening.

Last night I caught myself doing this just in time before drifting off to Oregon, and paid attention to some top secret Intel to share with ya’ll about Nike Plus’s new program.

Nike has come out with a new shoe that has censors in it, so your every movement is calculated and logged. This allows you to not only set a goal, but have a number in mind to beat that goal. They have paired this with a series of videos for the i phone of athletes leading you thru their training program. You follow along, then it’s measured by the shoes.

Trust me, I watched the demo and it was kinda mind blowing.

Jeanette Jenkins aka “The Hollywood Trainer” was on hand to talk about how her celeb clients get bored and a tool like this is an amazing motivator for them.

While most of the 30 or so ladies* went into the demo room to try on the new shoes and technology, I waited to meet Jeanette and snap this pic. She oozes swag and was super cool, as was her friend and fellow celeb trainer Michael Myers.

In true Nike style, each girl was led to a locker with our names on them. Each bag contained a sports bra, top and pants. They were neon and awesome.

While I’m normally not a fan of all chick events, since this one was celebrating Title Nine– it reminded me how wack society used to be and that I’m lucky that it’s a no brainer that women are allowed to run whenever they choose.

America! Nike! Just Do It.


*a mix of trainers,editors, fitness buffs and taste makers in Chicago.

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