I can’t decide if it’s annoying or cool when a restaurant has no sign out front.

On one hand I think there is something very speak easy ish about un unmarked door you have to peer thru and ask a big bouncer if you’re in the right spot and if you can come in. On the other hand, it’s a pain to be on the phone with someone till they finally find it.

A place like this is about to open in Chicago at Clark and Kinzie and it’s called Untitled.

Last night I got to give it a test drive and attend a tasting dinner.

fancy! the ambiance is dark and sexy and the place is HUGE. start planning your next company/bachelorette/holiday outing here- it can hold some people.

squash blossoms with ricotta and truffle honey

When you’re invited to a tasting dinner there are normally guidelines so that people don’t go nuts and eat the new place out of house and home. We were treated to : two starters, one large dish, two sides and dessert.

The choices were tough (because it all looked amazing) but we went with:

squash blossoms- very rich. lots of flavor.

frites- unreal. three dipping choices, my favorite was the cheese aioli.

short ribs and scallops- shaun ate the meat and we both loved the preparation and flavor of the scallop.

trout- looked like salmon. tasted like salmon. was indeed trout. I liked the crispy seer on the fish and the flavor, but there were large chunks of garlic in what it was served with so I avoided the rest of the plate. I’d order it again.

chocolate donuts- if you dont have anything nice to say… listen, I’m always honest with ya’ll so you don’t think I’m a big bs’er even though I feel awful when I dont love something and share it.  Let me just say that those are well on their way to being awesome.

I really liked the vibe in Untitled and our server couldn’t have been more attentive. Go check it out- ask for Felipe and tell him KZ sent ya.


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