Ever feel hungover even when you’re not?

*raises hand*

Today I’m back at CelebTV after a packed weekend. I think we spent as much time on flights as we did on the West Coast.

Saturday Shaun and I went to SF to visit my brother and Brett. Brett’s Dad and brother we in town for Father’s Day so we all went to brunch at The Tipsy Pig. Then Dad took a nap and watched the US Open while the kiddies went from one bar to another, finally ending up at a street festival. Shaun and I went back to our hotel to shower and change, and like most old people do…we fell asleep…at 7:30pm.

By 9am we were back in the Virgin terminal and heading to LAX for Giuliana and Bill’s baby shower.

The shower was unlike anything I’ve attended. I know that G & B want to keep some of the details private since it will be on their reality show but here’s what I can share:

  • the residence where the shower was hosted was up in the hills and it was HUGE. Stunning.
  • it was very relaxed- couples…kids…there was something for everyone.
  • there wasn’t a boring sit down lunch- rather various stations of treats.
  • it was a way smaller crowd than I imagined, with a large Chicago number of guests…it felt very intimate and as if they truly wanted each guest to be there.
  • B & G were glowing- literally- when they announced the baby’s sex.
  • everyone there was very friendly and chatted with each other…there was no “celeb stigma”.
  • Shaun and I spent most of the afternoon with Robbie Laughlin who is HILARIOUS.
  • The girls were sent home with SIICK gift bags. Best swag ever.

I’m truly so happy for them and it was nice to see them amongst family and friends and in their element.I would share what I got them, but I don’t know if they’ve opened it yet!

Shaun and I finished up the evening with dinner at Mercato di Vetro to visit with our friend Kwesi who is the GM* there.

Monday I had coffee with an old co worker then we headed back to Chicago.

Oh and I read 50 Shades of Grey and 50 Shades Darker. What a crock of BS- but that’s for another blog post.


*I think he’s the GM…he’s involved but not sure the exact capacity.

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