Northside vs Southside

Remember when I tried out for my middle school softball team in 7th grade and made it?

No? Yeah- well…unless you are my mom…you probably don’t. Because I chose not to play due to some kind of conflict and I haven’t picked up a bat since.

To be honest I think they were desperate for players and that’s why I made it, cause last night when I picked up a bat at Slugger’s it was a disaster.


So Nike asked me to play in their Northside vs Southside Softball game led by AJ Pierzynski and Johnny Knox. The teams are made up of media peeps…and I am one of them.

Cue the bad decision. Just because someone is athletic does NOT mean they can play every sport.

So last night Shaun took me to the batting cages at Slugger’s* and I walked out with a huge bruise on my wrist.

In other words, this could be one big disasta.

If you want to witness it- come out to the Nike Fuel House at 6pm in Lincoln Park.




*one benefit of living in Wrigleyville

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