Birthday Weekend!

Not mine, Shaun’s.

And Shaun likes his birthday… a lot.

We had an amazing stay and dinner at The Park Hyatt and Nomi Saturday.


This bottle of Rose arrived when we did, the hospitality and attention to detail is amazing at the Park Hyatt.

Cake! Big thanks to his business partner and bff Tim Canning for taking over cake duties.

We celebrated after dinner at Drumbar with our friends and then Sunday morning it was time to hit the Pride parade!

I couldn’t date someone- or be friends with them for that matter- if they didn’t support the LGBT community and Shaun pleasantly surprised me when we first met by telling me that he has gay friends and just considers them “friends” (rather than “gay” or “straight” friends). High five!

The parade was a blast per usual thanks to fun times with; James, Joe, Paul, Ari, Drew, Kevin, Ardie, and Jessica.

It’s become a tradition to celebrate Pride with Jessica Zweig!

After Pride I went to my friend Wendy and Alfredo’s beautiful roof top for Wendy’s birthday party, and left my cell phone in a cab on the way. Mind you- I was sober. Who does that!? This girl I suppose…I WAS exhausted.

Hopefully the cab driver meets me tonight like he said he would. If not, RIP all my photos and such. Lesson? Back yo ish up and don’t leave your phone in a cab.

Also- Friday I covered the EA Madden Pig Skin Pro Am and got to see all my old co workers and interview some fun celebs. Video will be up on later from that event.

View from the endzone

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