Black Bull

Picture or it didn’t happen…well- BAM. See above.

I’ll be the first to admit that when I go for dinner, I tend not to eat a lot. I don’t like to be in a food coma and overly full for a night out.

But I went into Black Bull last night like I imagine that crazy hot dog-eating guy does when sits down to defend his title.

I was ready to try this Spanish tapas spot, and I was going to try everything I could*.

Dani, one of the partners in the restaurant, couldn’t have provided us with a better experience. Our table was ready right when we walked into the loud and lively spot, and he took his time explaining the menu to us.

I picked out some of my favorites and we gave him free reign to bring us what he thought showed off the Chef’s skills the most.


  • aceitunas aliñadas – or- marinated olives and pickled vegetables, which were waiting on the table with fresh bread and olive oil.
  • The lighting, dim, sexy, perfect.
  • Music levels- low and let the conversation take center stage.
  • The gambas al ajillo – aka- grilled garlic prawns. Perfect texture, flavor and temp. However…the second I saw one of those little eyes looking at me- the waiter was begged to take them away.
  • higos a la plancha con queso cabrales, cerezas encurtidas y almendras – or grilled figs, pickled cherries, toasted almonds and cabrales bleu cheese. The cheese melted in our mouths. INSANE flavor combination.

And my #1 favorite

  • mejillones en escabeche – or – pickled mussels, potato purée. If Dani would have told me he was bringing our pickled mussels we would have said “AW HELL NAH”, so I’m glad he kept us in the dark. They were perfect on every level- texture, taste, appearance, everything.

The dishes are presented with creativity- mussels in the center.

Moral of the story people? Try new foods.

Granted, since I spent so much time around Spanish food…I have strong opinions so I asked Dani a TON of questions about the style of some dishes. As always- I’m honest so ya’ll will read this blog and I’ll admit one dish let me down a bit, but I think 99% of the place loved it as is…which is the goal. Let’s get real, if people catered to Kelli Zink it would be one f^%ked up restaurant.

Go check it out- even if just for Sangria and ease into trying a few things… I promise you’ll love it there.

*everything that didn’t involve meat, pork, yada yada

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