I have some damn talented friends.

This weekend Brandon Carone, Ryan Preuett and Jamie Weil were part of a group that put on Wavefront Music Festival. It was an 3 day long music festival that featured electronic music and DJs and the first annual of it’s kind.

Aside from a glitch with weather, I was shocked at how smoothly things seemed to go for them. And I was impressed with the dedication of the team. They worked in the 90 + degree heat each day with a smile while dealing with all types of media, demanding friends (I fell into both those categories), big spenders and high profile DJs.

Saturday we pulled the boat up to Montrose Harbor and listened from there before heading over later that evening.

E Smith and Shaun in a back flip contest

Sunday we went back for James Murphy- but he didn’t get to play due to weather issues. Since we were hooked up with a cool pass, we were allowed in while they re built the stages after the storm and we got a great feel for how awesome it was to have a festival on the sandy beach.

We were about 100 feet from James Murphy (who denied my interview request BTW), and my friend Greg Corner who was doing a set at 3pm even offered up half his set so James could play….but by then he had made plans.

Greg still played a sweet half a set before graciously turning it over to another dj who’s set was also bumped and then we walked around for a bit before taking off. From the photos I saw, the place was packed and had some serious energy that night.

Sure, people had complaints too- but if they didn’t then how would they improve for next year? So will there be a next year? We can only hope…

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