Not So Foxy

I’ve been feeling very sleepy lately.

At first I thought it was the 100 + temps and hanging in the sun over the 4th weekend.

This is the pool at the swanky East Bank Club where Oprah and Obama are both members. The pool was more packed on the 4th than anything I’ve seen in my lifetime. I didn’t get in.

Then I figured it was from the adrenaline rush of doing live TV for Fox, especially when things involve those that are out of my control. Poor Corey (the anchor in the segment with me) was a good sport for being thrown into my segment literally 1 min before we went live:

Same with Allie and Danielle, my brave interns who trudged it over to Fox with me in the heat as models.

But then, as I was half way thru a huge piece of bread last dawned on me. GLUTEN.

I celebrated my Independence with frozen lemonade and fresh bread, among other things and I’m pretty sure the sugar/gluten combo was no bueno.

Gonna lay off and see if I get my mojo back.

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