Last Saturday had a plan: go to Lemon Tree while Shaun worked, then drive 34* mins to the Tippecanoe river in Indiana to go river tubing.

I found these in a store in Downtown Downer’s Grove. How will I know!

Well, then we looked at the mapquest directions and it appeared it was actually 2.5 hours to get there and someone* had read the directions wrong.

Luckily Shaun was in an amazing mood and said; “Let’s just go to Saugatuck and stay the night instead.”

So off we drove the 2.5 hours there while I called roughly 18 hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and vacation rental places (who were all of course full considering this is peak season) till we finally found The Driftwood thru Mill Pond Realty.

3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, downtown and totally beachy

We made a deal with the leasing agents so we could rent this for just one night, and moved in.

this was sitting in The Driftwood’s kitchen. WTF indeed.

Since we had packed for a day trip, we had no clothes or toiletries. Shaun’s friend Ben who is a local celeb there told us about a few cute shops and places to hit for the essentials. Laura Jean was an adorable boutique we shopped at in Douglas, and we found the local drugstore* for everything else.

Ben and his partners’s (yes I am correctly punctuating that) Tiffany-inspired bathroom. Love.

It was amazing to be able to unplug and walk around this beautiful small town, and spending time at the beach and our friend’s pool the next day. The breakfast at Pumpernickle’s and lunch at Wild Dog Grille need a mention as well- delicious food.

I think sometimes it’s better not to plan and just go with things as they happen. Planning a weekend would have most likely involved stress and details, so going on a whim was a new concept for me and felt awesome.

Oh- and we booked a LivingSocial trip to Thailand Sunday at the pool from Shaun’s i phone that we’d been thinking about.


*no clue where I got 34 mins from

* I 100 percent messed up

*the nearest Walgreens or CVS was 25 mins away

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