Hit and Run

I did not have high hopes when I screened the action comedy “Hit and Run” but I was pleasantly surprised.

Dax Shepard and his real life fiance Kristen Bell have really cute chemistry, Bradley Cooper is hilarious and I laughed out loud a few times.

I’m glad I saw the film, because when Dax walked in to CelebTV for today’s interview it was the second thing he asked me- right after stating; “I read your tweet to me”.

The third? What kind of restaurant/store my boyfriend owned? He wanted to know if it had organic food and groceries. It does… Dax seemed pleased.

Then; “Do I give it up to him?” Meaning- Do I laugh at my boyfriend’s jokes, since I said I laughed at his film and that rarely happens. Dax said he’d be sad if Kristen didn’t laugh at his. I do.

After that? Where in Michigan did I grow up, since he is also from there.

Then the cameras went on and we began the interview. Three questions in, when PR asked us to pause so he could spit out his gum he wanted to know; “Why can’t TV ever be authentic? People chew gum in real life!” He had a point..

I want my gum back!

When he asked (silently) for a hug – I gave it my best shot while warning him that I’m not a good hugger. I explained it may have come from years of being a waitress and server and getting grabbed by drunken customers.

Final question; “Have you tried Paris Club? It rules.”

Yes Dax, I have and you’re right.

Go check out “Hit and Run” when it hits theaters on August 24th.

And Dax my question for you- why are you so down to earth and cool even though you live in Hollywood? Thank you.

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