Power Of Social Media

Yesterday I had dinner plans. Those changed in an instant when Chef Graham Elliot tweeted out his new menu for Graham Elliot Bistro.

The food sounded amazing and I’m a huge fan of both Chef Graham and Chef Merlin so, I immediately picked up the phone and made a reso.

Before dinner I attended a conference called “The Nature Of Influence” hosted by my friend Chris Mahlmann. It featured 50 of Chicago’s top “influencers” and a panel of experts. I’ll hand it to Chris, he gathered an amazing group and we actually pushed back dinner to stay for the entire event.

But my question to you out there is: What makes someone influential?

Anyhow, I couldn’t help but jump in and ask a few questions during the panel discussion and at one point I was so fired up I had to be nearly restrained*.

The panel was asked something to the extent of ; “What do you see as the most up and coming or relevant social media site or app?”

I was surprised that no one mentioned Instagram, but a few people made great points for Twitter including food blogger Amanda Puck who said that her goal as an influencer is to tweet a photo of food and have people then crave that food- aka go to the restaurant she represents. Which had worked on me with G.E.Bistro earlier.

But back to why I’m still all hot and bothered- A male panelist said;

“I don’t really get that Pintrest thing.”

I couldn’t help myself and shouted- “That’s cause you’re a dude”.

To which he replied along the lines of ; “True, because men like words and women like photos.”

WTF. Is that why Mark Zuckerburg (who is a MALE from what I know) just bought Instagram, a photo driven site, for ONE BILLION DOLLARS.

Oh and BTW, Pintrest was created by Ben Silbermann, also a man.

And even though this guy nearly killed my appetite, I still managed to enjoy the gazpacho, beet/burrata/arugula salad and trout at G.E.Bistro.

remembered to snap a pic half way thru the meal

More than enjoy actually, I loved every bite. The menu’s on vinyl and cool outdoor patio and staff also helped as did getting a chance to catch up with Chef Merlin.

Go. Trust me, just do it. And when you do-Tweet me a pic.

*not really restrained, but it sounds kinda tough no?

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  1. Ashley says:

    Although his comment of on how “men like words, women like pictures” was a bit harsh (I agree) its very much true that Pinterest’s content is women-centered with most of the content being fashion, baking recipes, and diy homeimprovement projects lol I can imagine he was only kidding being that he was the owner of The Printed Blog, which is known for its photography 🙂

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