A Quickie

I’ve been studying for a TV Guide shoot I’m taping tomorrow about “Quickie Hollywood Marriages” so my blog hasn’t been getting enough love. And we all know what happens when you don’t get enough attention (please don’t cheat on me with other blogs!)

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Erin’s mom was visiting from Texas so we all went to GT Fish and Oyster. Chef Giuseppe Tentori went above and beyond with the meal.

Saturday I got my hair did (finally) and had lunch with my friends Mike and Joran, then we all hit Pitchfork for a hot (literally HOT 95 degrees!) second.

Sunday was the Bright Pink High Tea and here I am with my co emcee Alicia Roman from NBC and Bright Pink founder Lindsay Avner.
After the tea, we did a little boating before heading back to Pitchfork.

Vampire Weekend at Pitchfork- they are so amazing live. There’s something about dancing in the energy of a crowd, even if it is hot and sweaty!

After Pitchfork we hit up Avec for a bite, and may I say… I need to get my booty there more often. Every bite was unreal.

And Avner sent me this pic from a baby shower* a few months back:

Me, Giuliana and Avner in Beverly Hills

*as if it was a typical shower!

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