Nerd Swag

These Are Warby Parker Huxley Glasses- ya dig?

This weekend I was juicing so I started off with a mellow Friday night that consisted of me cursing juice and going to bed early to avoid starvation.

Saturday was a different story. I kicked things off with 8am yoga and then it was time to work and play.

First stop was to interview Jenny McCarty at the Ciroc and Playboy event at EnV Apartments. The party was done pretty darn well, with BMF PR making sure we got our interview and that the press was taken care of. Jenny remembered me, which is always cool- she can call me anytime to hang. I hung out there with friends for a bit after the interview before hitting the Warby Parker event.

Ok, first I made a stop at The Boundry and broke my fast with half of a grilled cheese sandwich and fries. Whoops. Not how you’re supposed to stop fasting, but it did the trick.

Warby Parker took over the space next to Big Star and set up a bocce ball tournament with a dj and wheelbarrows full of 312 beer. Plus they had a pop-up shop next store so people could try on the specs.

Shaun was upset that I got glasses, they were “his thing”. My outfit is Top Shop btw.

After Warby we hustled home to change and over to the BCBG Fall Presentation dinner with Michigan Avenue Magazine. It was in a beautiful event space near Karyn’s in Lincoln Park (I associate everything with restaurants and shops) and the dinner featured two long tables with a runway in the middle and an eclectic mix of some of the most fashionable people in Chicago. How did we get invited? No idea- but we do make great conversation at a dinner party!

The menu, seating and a crazy i phone case from the fancy gift bag.

Michigan Ave Mag and BCBG hooked it up with the swag bags. They contained a bunch of awesome stuff including; a BCBG clutch and perfume, plus hair and makeup products.

Sunday I sat thru an hour and 45 mins of The Dark Knight Rises so I could see the end- SO worth it.

El Barco portions are HUGE.

We ended the weekend at El Barco, a place I’ve been dying to try for years. It’s authentic Mexican seafood and the menu is massive, the seafood fresh and delicious and the margaritas come in pitchers.

The food coma we were left in was perfect for The Bachelorette finale and The Newsroom…in our matching glasses.



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