DYI fishnet tips

Yesterday I was at a media event at George The Salon getting a vegetarian hair conditioning treatment. You can’t make this stuff up…I know. Anyhow- while sitting under the dryer I was reading Glamor Magazine and a nail trend caught my eye.

According to the magazine- nail art is *done*, and creative takes on the french manicure are *in*. Now, mind you I have no idea what month the mag was so this trend may be *out* by now…but it’s new to me and since I always do a french manicure these days I thought I’d give it a go.

During fashion week the manicurists were using real fishnet tights and nail glue to create an awesome edgy look, so today I tried my own take on the style.

First I applied press- on nails with a rounded tip in french manicure.Yes, I use press-on nails. A lot. And I get lots of compliments on them, plus they save me time and $$.

Next I took the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects in “Misbehaved” and trimmed them to match the tip of the press-ons and then stuck them on the nail. Trimming the sticker to match the nail was tougher than anticipated, so I began to try different techniques. I found that taking the sticker and applying it horizontal then stretching across the tip and filing it down to match the curved edge of the nail worked best. You may have a new and even better method- so I say give it a go.

Found these nails on Pintrest, love them as well.

As for the conditioning treatment? Loved it.

George, the owner, did my blow out after and my hair looked shiny and bouncy. The best part? It lasted thru hot yoga this morning and is still going strong.

extension free post treatment and blow out

I suppose George knows a few things…he did used to work with Oprah.

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