How To Make It Thru A Juice Cleanse

It feels like every day another person I know kicks off a juice cleanse, and I encourage them to come to me with questions.

I’ve done a few in my day, so I know how to fail and binge sneak eat on day one or successfully sail thru day 5 and into a string bikini in Cabo.
Here are some tips and tricks:

  • Drink the “shake” or #6 bottle in two portions. 1/2 when you are the most hungry (for me it’s lunchtime) and the other half for dinner. I find that I never can finish a bottle at one sitting and it truly keeps me full for a bit during the day.
  • Add ice. Drinking the juices over ice seems to make all the difference for me, perhaps I like them a bit diluted. I also add a pinch of sea salt to the green juices.
  • Take walks. When you feel like you want to give up and eat- take a walk and drink some water. The intense hunger will pass in about 20 mins and the distraction of the walk is sometimes all you need.
  • Accept the fact that you have to pee- a lot.
  • Don’t drink. I did a cleanse and had a few cocktails and trust me, it’s not worth waking up and feeling like hell. It will also sabotage your efforts and lead to a McDonald’s breakfast. Supersized.
  • That depression, hopelessness and sadness is normal. You miss looking forward to planning meals and much of life centers around being social thru food. Remind yourself why you chose to cleanse and remember that you can break bread with your friends lots of other times once it’s over.
  • Embrace the “weird” and own it. Last week I took a lunch meeting with Google while I was juicing. I sat with a few of their staff in their amazing cafeteria and gazed at the salad bars. Just explain you’re juicing like it’s no big deal. These days it’s more accepted and if you don’t make a big show, neither will anyone else.
  • Realize how awesome it is to sleep harder and wake up with a ton of energy.
  • Love the way your clothes fit, and keep getting bigger even the following week after you’ve cleansed.
  • Enjoy being fully hydrated and understanding how oversized our portions actually are.

Hope this helps – happy juicing.

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