Hey Shorty

To know me is to know my love for sneakers. If I could wear Dunks for every occasion, I would. And now with the wedge sneaker trend at it’s peak…I may just be able to wear these high-heeled delights with a cocktail dress.


Here are a few pair I’m really crushing on:

Nike Sky Hi Dunks.

Period the end. These are my ultimate dream sneaker, they have the Nike swagger but add the girly wedge. I can’t wait to rock these at Lollapalooza this weekend.

(courtesy: Pintrest)

Jeffery Campbell “Venice” Wedges

(photo: Pintrest)

Schutz Stud Wedges

and the mac daddy- Isabel Marant Wedges. I’d almost be afraid to wear $1110 kicks. Almost…

These all range in heel height- something to consider before jumping into your search for the perfect pair.

Proud to say I’m now vertically challenged and loving it.


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