Nike Plus Lunar Hyperworkout +

Nike has dun done it again.

First it was the Nike+ FuelBand- a wristband that tracks your steps, movement and calories.

Now they’ve added another member to the Nike+ Training Family- The Nike Lunar Hyperworkout+.

These shoes contain sensors in the base of the shoe that track how fast, high, hard and often you workout. Plus they’ve teamed up with some of the world’s top athletes like; Shawn Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, and Rafael Nadal.

Last night Nike’s team gathered a small group of ladies in the Nike Plus Fuel House in Lincoln Park for some education and demonstration of the new technology.

The presentations are all pretty interesting and makes you realize how much work goes into the new innovation.

Then we all woke up and did mental backflips when we were told we not only got to try out the new Ice colored Fuelbands and Lunar kicks…but we also got to take them home.

No need to bedazzle that black band- the Ice is here.

Nike sure knows how to make a gal feel special. Love the Lunar Hyperworkout’s colors.

They explained how easy the technology is to use- you basically pop the chip out of the box and place it under the sole inside the shoe, and sync it to your i phone like you would sync up a blue tooth device.

Then they had a few girls demo how the shoe tracks things like a vertical jump, jumping rope and a “fast feet” drill. It works.

Me and Mel feeling confident about the workout they were about to put us thru- well…Mel was…seeing as she just won the drill challenge.

We went outside and did the Allison Felix “pack” which was a 10 min workout…every 30 seconds a new drill was introduced and timed out for us. 10 mins may sound like nothing, but these workouts are designed to kick your butt- fast. And it did.

Post workout walking home, proper refreshments in hand.

Check out the new technology for yourself at the Nike Fuel House in Lincoln Park- it’s Free!

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