Lash Extensions

There’s something to be said for playing coy and making people wonder if “they’re real”, but I find people like that to be quite frustrating.

Now that that’s out of the way…let’s talk eyelash extensions!

A couple of my close girlfriends have gotten them, and it’s nearly impossible to take your  eyes off of they’re beautiful look. It’s subtle and natural, yet adds a seductive *pop* to the eyes.

I’ve been dying to try them, but the $450 sticker shock at some studios was too much for me. Then Isabel Danielle contacted me via FB message, reaching out saying she did lashes on the cheap.

So I dove in, let a stranger come to our home (against everyone at work’s better judgement) and laid down for two hours while she applied a full set.

Isabel has the vibe of a yogi who’s had a redbull after class, and her energy is awesome. She showed me the various types of lashes she had in her kit and together we decided we’d go for the most natural look.

I then laid down on the couch, she placed half-moon sheets under my closed eyes and went to work bonding the hair to my own with a special glue. There was no pain or discomfort, except for the fact that I had to sit still for two hours*.

She warned me that I probably wouldn’t really love them until 48 hours later when I could apply mascara- some people think they look too natural.

I was one of those people…for about 5 mins. I’m used to wearing false lashes for work, so the look was initially TOO natural for me- but then I went to dinner and looked in the mirror again. And loved it.

When I woke up, Shaun commented how pretty I looked- I did not look pretty- I just had darker and longer lashes. He had no idea what I got done and he HATES make up…but he loves the way these look.

It’s nice to go to yoga or out without feeling like I need makeup, but I do miss a good washing of the eye area. But that’s it. Otherwise I’m pretty much obsessed.

She charged under 200 dollars and came to me- she will work around each client’s sked. They last roughly four weeks, and then you get a “fill”.

Here is her website.

and here is my before and after:

*I have ADD or whatever it’s called these days when you can’t sit still.

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