From BFF to ER

Friday my best friend Kim came to visit from NYC.

Highlights included; boating during Air and Water Show rehershal, dinner at the “confessional” Chef’s table with the girls at G.E.Bistro,  a long ladies lunch at Lux Bar and dinner on noMI’s terrace.

Then Saturday it was suddenly time to go to the ER to be with someone suffering with kidney stones. I’m sure I’m like most who are freaked out by hospitals, but thanks to our friend Dr. Terry, we were able to get right into the ER which was dead for a Saturday night.

Eventually we got moved to a room with a bed, TV and a door that’s actually been like a 3 star hotel for the past few days. They even get a couple movie channels. I can’t believe I ever entertained the idea of working in medicine- I give those nurses, MD’s and hospital employees so much credit…they truly see it all.

Luckily my bff has tons of friends in Chicago so she wasn’t all alone, and it looks like the patient is getting out tomorrow morning.

Why am I blogging this? Because I had forgotten how lonely a hospital room can be. If someone you know or love, or even a friend’s loved one has to spend time there send cards, offer to visit or bring something. They’ll probably decline, but the concern means the world.

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