My friend sent me a text today that read; “What is FNO? Is this a national holiday now!?”

He was kidding, but this made me laugh…tonight has more coverage than the DNC around town.

Fashion’s Night Out is a series of parties that happens around the world, and every city takes pride in their events. This year it seems like Chicago has gone FNO crazy and every store/shop/homeless person in a box is having an event.

I talked about why I think it’s good for the city this morning on Fox.

But if you’re reading this blog then I assume you want the REAL story on why I’m a fan.. it’s simple- I love dressing up and pretending we’re part of Fashion Week.

Seriously, I know Chicago isn’t NYC when it comes to fashion and I’m cool with that. NYC has designers and A listers hosting their events and sitting front row at their shows. The party I’m hosting (along with a hundred other people) at the 900 Shops has Ali Larter as the featured “fashionista”.

Don’t get me wrong, Ali Larter is awesome….but let’s be honest- her biggest fashion statement happened long ago.

Varsity Blues

Anyhoo- I’m still excited to dress a little edgier than usual, interview Ali and hang with my friends at the event.

I was stalking the NYC fashion event photos and came across this little nugget of perfection.

Nicole Richie in Anthony Vaccarello at last night’s Style Awards.


But Chicago does > NYC in one category- we don’t feel guilty for not starving ourselves pre or post fashion week!

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