Looper and Bachelor Pad

Yesterday was one of those crazy rides.

I screened Ben Affleck’s new film “ARGO” with intent to interview him today. However, by the time I walked out of the theater and checked my email…the studio had slashed Ben’s press time and our interview was one of the few to be cut.

Let’s just say I wasn’t a happy camper and I was bummed that a website’s coverage had been cut before TV- once again. BUT the silver lining was a last minute offer to interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and director Rian Johnson about their film “Looper”.

My first junket was with Rain Wilson for “The Rocker”, and I blew off the screening because I thought the movie looked dumb. Know who looked dumb? Me. It was not only my worst showing professionally, but it was the last time I’d interview someone without watching their work.

Until last night. See, the screening was AFTER the red carpet.

But my co-worker Dan Stunkel, who is a huge Sci Fi fan, prepped me and helped me feel confident enough to avoid another “Rain” moment.

Turns out, we were the only video crew and got first position on the red carpet- HUGE MOMENT PEOPLE!

Rian and Joe

Joe wasn’t as charming as I’d hoped…but the two were still a great interview and kind enough to chat with us.

“Robin?” (hee hee…)

Then I jetted to Ed Swiderski’s for his Bachelor Pad Finale viewing party. I went to college with Ed and Shaun was in the same frat house as him- small planet.

I will admit- I felt like Benedict Arnold at Ed’s since I love Jillian so much…but I’m trying to separate the two in my head.

Ed had a packed house complete with the finale playing on a huge projector. He would pause it and provide live commentary which was AWESOME.

El Casa de Ed

Here are a few of the choice sentiments:

  • (on Nick) “That dude did nothing but wake up every day and eat chicken and peanut butter and work out.”
  • (Nick again) “That dude didn’t talk at all till the finale.”
  • (on splitting the money) “The final 6 of us all agreed to split the money…Nick is an idiot.”
  • (more Nick!) “Oh oh OH! He is about to have a roid rage on us!!”

It was also interesting to hear what they had shot vs cut for the broadcast. I’ll admit- Ed is entertaining to be around.

Kinda like a random Monday- never know what to expect.

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