Tweet Tweet

Lesson learned again…no more tweeting post events.
Last night Shaun and I grabbed an impromptu meal at Sullivan’s Steakhouse before Michigan Avenue Magazine and D Wade’s book party. The crab legs were amazing and the place was packed with all men. Seriously- 90% men. Not that I was looking…
We crossed over to Rockit for the event and I had one goal- to get a little something to talk about on Fox.  I spoke with his PR manager and she gave me a little scoop…but I wanted more. He was up in the VIP in the corner on his phone and I was a bit frustrated that he wasn’t out mingling with the guests.

But when he moved over to sign books, Shaun was excited to buy one so we waited for him to sign “A Father First”.

As we approached the table I said; “Hey we’ve met at one of your events in the past, I’m going to talk about your book on Fox tomorrow…and this is Shaun- he’s a huge fan.”

See noted body guard- one of many

As we went home I expressed how bummed I was that compared to Common, who is always out shaking hands and meeting people, Wade wasn’t as out in the mix.

So I tweeted:

BTW- @DwyaneWade is no @common. Common is a man of the people- while D Wade prefers the VIP.

Then woke up to see he had tweeted back:

Nice 2 meet you 2RT @KelliZink: BTW-l @DwyaneWade is no @common. Common is a man of the people- while D Wade prefers the VIP.

Well then.

Applause to him for taking the high road, but I wasn’t trying to insult his character…just trying to say he wasn’t as approachable.

Needless to say I got a ton of tweets from Wade fans who were not happy with me, so I addressed it on Fox Chicago this morning.

Ok lesson learned- own your 140 characters or someone else will.

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