Bad Girl!

Daily dose my butt, right!? The past two weeks have been mega awesome and I’ve been living rather than typing.

BUT… here are some of the highlights:

Interviewing Photographer Tyler Shields, who is one of the most interesting and talent people on the planet.

Me and Shaun at the Green Tie Ball. Awkward pose from me, but I LOVED wearing this dress. It’s from Top Shop.

Michael Pena was very down to earth and beyond amazing in “End of Watch”.

Steve-O! Who made us all blush with his naughty humor. I went to check out his stand up at Zanies last night and I didn’t stop laughing once.

Robbie Laughlin is flawless in person. Perfect hair, skin, teeth, and it looks like his clothes were sewn on him before he walks out the door. Plus he’s witty and kind. He’s also gay, or I’d try and make him my Valentine.

The real awesomeness of the week was Sunday Rosh Hashanah dinner at the Melman’s. It’s one of those dinners where you leave your phone in the car, and everyone just enjoys the conversation and food. Lots of food.

Cheers to catching up on sleep this weekend…yeah right.





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