Vegan in a Box

Sometimes I look at photos of myself from 2008 and wonder why I ever added dairy back into my life. I used to glow- literally without any makeup on.

Bright Pink with Lindsay Avner from 2008. Ok, not my favorite look…but see- even my décolletage looks healthy.

Now, no glow. Unless I spend time layering on different shimmers to add faux glow.

What went wrong? Well, I slowly added cheese back into my life and in turn my skin freaked out. Putting on concealer before 6am hot yoga is no bueno.

I was just tipped off about Karyn’s meal delivery service. One of the roughest parts about trying to eat Vegan is finding and preparing the food. As much as I’d love to pretend that I am all Martha Stewart with my Pintrest recipes…it’s simply not the case. I go for what’s good and what’s easy and when I’m starving – forget about it…I’ll eat almost anything in front of me. 5 days of meals are $130 dollars, and if you eat out a ton- that is a steal.

This week I have no real dinner commitments and I have an event in a few weeks that I want to look and feel great for- so it made sense to dive in and commit.

Shaun is trying it with me and yesterday he went and picked up our boxes from Karyn’s Raw.  We went with the “cooked” cleanse vs the “raw” to ease into it, and I’m hoping that I look like Halle Berry by Friday. I’m serious…have you seen Karyn!?

5 days of meals- 3 meals a day plus dessert.
My honest goal is to just stick to this plan for a week, 5 days seems easy but it’s not. And of course I’ll share every my thoughts after this madness is over.

In the meantime I’ll be pinning photos of hot women as glow-spiration.

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